why are there two versions of the princess saves herself in this one?

the 2016 edition of princess was self-published by yours truly. the rights were then sold to andrews mcmeel publishing, who republished it for a wider release in 2017.

what are the differences between the self-published version of princess and the andrews mcmeel version of princess?

the main difference is the size due to the addition of poems to the andrews mcmeel edition.

o   2016 edition: 158 pages
o   2017 edition: 208 pages

all poems found in the self-published edition were transferred to the andrews mcmeel edition. however, you might notice a handful of them were edited, and you would be correct. i did decide to polish some of them up so i could give you the best version of my work possible. otherwise, most of the poems stayed intact.

some of the pieces were also shifted around here and there so the “mirror” poems (the tie-in pieces that are pushed up against either side of the spine) lined up correctly. special care was taken to make sure the loose narrative of the collection wasn’t compromised by this.

the best tell is to look for the tiny “U” (the andrews mcmeel symbol) at the bottom of the spine!

how long did it take for you to write and edit princess?

as it pertains to the self-published edition of princess, i spent about a month compiling existing pieces and writing new material. it took another month to receive feedback from each of my beta readers and edit accordingly. at the end of the process, it was a little over two months. the additional poems written for the andrews mcmeel edition of princess took only a few weeks. because editing comprised of many more people than just me, it took a few months to complete this step.
is princess appropriate for my child to read? / what are the potential triggers?

princess is the story of my life with an arc encompassing my childhood, my teen years, as well as my early twenties. i explore a wide variety of topics relating to child abuse, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, eating disorders, self-harm, alcoholism, death, suicide, cancer, grief, and others.

some of these topics are more explicit than others because of the nature of the poetry. my recommendation is for young adult readers and up; however, i understand that every reader handles things differently, so that is a judgement call to make for/with your child.

for anyone with triggers relating to the aforementioned topics, make whatever decision is best for you/your health and remember to practice self-care before, during, and after reading princess.
how did you self-publish?

the platforms i used were createspace (physical copy) and amazon (kindle ebook). i highly recommend these platforms for writers interested in self-publishing their work. the two companies are interconnected and they practically hold your hand through each step of the publishing process, including gathering tax information, creating your cover, writing your synopsis, uploading and editing your file, etc. the customer service for both platforms is VERY timely and helpful, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

how did you get picked up by andrews mcmeel?

about two months after i self-published princess, i was contacted by an editor from the company who was interested in exploring the idea of publishing it. we then spent a few months ironing out the details and figuring out the contract. lucky for me, everyone who worked on my book loved it as it was and gave me total creative freedom during the process of republishing. ta-da! that’s how princess came to exist in the form it does today. it may not sound as glamorous as one might assume, but it was amazing process to take part in as someone whose lifelong dream was to become a published author. :)
can you sign my copy of princess?

if you see me in person, of course!

otherwise, i am unable to receive or send books for the purposes of signing and personalizing. however, i am happy to send a signed and personalized bookplate by my own discretion. (note: subject to change at any time.)

what inspires your writing?

my biggest writing influences are:
o   tahereh mafi
o   laurie halse anderson
o   jk rowling
o   emily dickinson
o   the tumblr writing community (who introduced me to the short/enjambed + tagline title style of poetry)
when did you start writing poetry?

i wrote my first poem when i was 11 years old. i mostly kept my poetry to myself until i decided to take the risk and start posting it to various online writing forums for feedback. (this was before social media was a Thing or a significant means of creative outlet.) around the age of 14 i teamed up with an in-person poetry group and read some of my pieces at a local cafe on sunday mornings. that group stopped meeting after some time, but i kept on writing. eventually i decided to become an english major in college so i could immerse myself in various forms of literature, including poetry. during the next few years, writing poetry was an on and off thing for me until i joined tumblr in my late teens and became inspired by their amazing and encouraging writing community. they eventually convinced me to self-publish the princess saves herself in this one.

do you write anything aside from poetry?

poetry is my main form of writing right now (i have many collections planned), but my goal is to write a young adult fiction book in the verse style. (think ellen hopkins.)

can you help me with my school project, essay, etc?

unfortunately, due to time constraints and the large number of requests, i am unable to assist you with this.

can you read my manuscript and give feedback?

unfortunately, due to time constraints and the large number of requests, i am unable to assist you with this.

can i interview you?

please contact me via email (found in the “contact” section) and i will see what i can do for you!

will you do a book signing in my area?

i will be sure to keep my “events” page up-to-date with any signings i have booked. keep checking!

will you do a book signing in my store/library/café/etc?

please contact me via email (found in the “contact” section) and i will see what i can do for you!

who manages this site?

i do, with the help of my spouse and fellow poet, cyrus parker.

you can find him here: cyrusparker.com